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Assorted Fun Photos


Julie enjoys a dip in the pool on a summer day!



"It's just too boring to be an angel ALL the time!"

Kiss (Marie and Dave Caster's grey) finds it hard to hide the evidence. 

male enhancement




Is it just me??  Or does Annie look SPOILED!!! 






Farrah is queen of the pillows!  



Fast dogs meet FAST horse!  

Hmmm, the dogs don't appear to be impressed! 

Farrah, Runner, and Dianne Shadle at the Kentucky Horse Park. 


Now that's a birthday party! 

"Hurry up lady! Pass out those liver cupcakes, will ya!"


Hainsley & Tavia Sovich with Judi Skidel (wearing the hat)

at the Arts Festival in Boalsburg, PA. 


Joe Skidel and Judi at the Arts Festival.


This is what a greyhound kiss looks like from the receiving end!


Shelties make good pillows!  Just ask Nellie!  



Izzy loved to cockroach!  Not very ladylike!  Izzy was Michelle

Kurtz's (Nittany's webmistress) first grey.

Read her memorial:  Izzy's Tribute


Farrah and Runner - Dianne & Jim Shadle's greys.


Farrah's tongue is obviously TOO big for her mouth.


She just can't seem to keep it contained!

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