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New arrivals October 2000


There is a lot of work that takes place when a new group of dogs arrive at Nittany Greyhounds.  It all begins the day they arrive with baths, toenail trims, ear cleaning, and LOTS of love.


Waiting for their turn!


Pick me!!


The volunteers are ready to begin!


Joe introduces himself to Echo, one of the new girls.


Joe gives Echo a lift into the tub.


A pep talk and MORE lovin'.


Now it's time to get down to business!


Gotta make this girl shine!


Bell looks as if she would prefer this whole thing be over!


On to the next stop  - toe nail clipping.

Have you ever seen a dog wag his tail while getting his nails clipped??  Only a greyhound, excited about a new home!



Next stop - ear cleaning by Elaine!


More ear cleaning.


Final stop - Elaine gives a pep talk and explains about

the wonderful life ahead!


And it ends with a kiss!




All cleaned up!  (Look at those spots glow!)


A GREYT BIG thanks to all the volunteers who help with this process!


After the greys get settled in, Nittany makes vet appointments for each new kid for spay/neuter, teeth cleaning, shots, and an overall medical exam.  The dogs are also evaluated for personality and compatibility with cats. 


Next stop - a permanent home and a new life!


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