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(aka Lockheed)

Lucky Max <g> came home with us on Saturday, March 24th.  He's joining a family of husband, 16 year old son and I....a Sheltie named Lady, a Yorkie named Bailey and one snotty cat named Cleo.  So far peace reigns in the house.   They all tolerate each other remarkably well.  As I type this, Max is asleep on my can I possibly look into those big brown eyes and tell him he can't stay there????  We now know we wasted money buying a crate....he has no intention of spending much time in it.  So far his hobbies include playing with any rubber toy that squeaks (he flips it at you so you can throw it up in the air for him to catch), sleeping, eating, sleeping, getting his belly rubbed, sleeping, putting his face under your armpit, sleeping....and, did I mention, sleeping??  He's a wonderful addition to our family. 


"They aren't going to spoil me.........much" 

"Pays to be retired on a hot summer day!"