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Nittany Greyhounds Adoption Application

Adoption Fee: $175.00 ($10 from every adoption is donated to the Morris Animal Foundation)

Name _______________________________
Address ______________________________

 Telephone (home)__________(work)_________

 Email address________________________

 Date _______________________


 1. Why do you want to adopt a greyhound?


 2. Do you have a preference regarding age, gender, or color?


 3. Do you agree to keep your greyhound as a pet and not race, breed, or hunt with this animal?


 4. Do you agree to keep your greyhound inside your house? (Greyhounds must live within the home and cannot be kept in an outdoor kennel or doghouse.)


 5. Are you willing to accept immediate and full responsibility for ownership of your greyhound, including all health care costs, necessary burdens and responsibilities of owning a pet?


 6. Do you agree to properly license your greyhound and follow all other local and state regulations regarding pet ownership and control?


 7. Do you agree to keep your greyhound collared with ID tags at all times and in a fenced in area or on a leash when outside? (Greyhounds cannot be allowed to run free)


8. If you rent your home, do you have permission from your landlord to adopt a greyhound at this time?


 9. Have you owned a greyhound previously? If so, from where did you acquire it?


 10. How many people are in your family?


 11. If you have children, what are their ages?


 12. Have your children had experience with dogs living in your home?


 13. Please list all other pets, including type, age and gender.


 14. Do you have a fenced-in yard? (This is not a requirement)


 15. Do you agree to crate your dog if necessary?


 16. Please list your current veterinarian with address and phone number (or list one you have used in the past). We will contact the veterinarian for a reference.  If you have not previously owned animals and have no veterinary reference, please list the names and phone numbers of three personal references, not including family members.


 17. Do you agree to contact Nittany Greyhounds in the event you can no longer keep your dog for any reason? Ownership of your dog cannot be transferred, either by selling or giving to another person or laboratory nor can it be placed in an animal shelter such as the Humane Society or ASPCA.

_________________________ __________ 

Signature                                       Date


Please mail your completed application along with one half the adoption fee to:


Nittany Greyhounds 

142 Greyhound Lane

Port Matilda, PA 16870


Prior to adoption, your greyhound will be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations.  Any known health issues will be discussed with you prior to adoption.