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Some words from Foster's family:

 Foster (Spring Knight) came to live with us in June of 1998. We already had a 2 year old cat, so my main concern was getting a greyhound who would not want to chase (or catch) a cat who was used to having the run of the house.

I was reassured after that he was tested with cats and showed little interest in them. Joe, Elaine, and Shelley were right! Soon after we adopted Foster but before he came to live with us, we adopted a Beagle mix from the ASPCA just to make things interesting!

Foster gets along very well with Parker, the cat, and Peyton, the beagle mix. He is the shy one out of the group, but lets us know when he wants attention. His favorite times are spent on the beach near our house where he enjoys the occasional run and swim in the crashing waves.

Paul Bartush

 Jeff LeClair

 Foster and Peyton at the beach. We are lucky in that you have to walk down steps to get to the beach. No runaway dogs!

 Foster, Peyton, and Parker enjoying some treats in the dining room.

 Foster and Peyton in their room. Yes, not only do they have their own room, but they have their own couch as well.