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Liberty  &  Caroline

What beautiful girls!

Some words from Liberty and Caroline's family: 

Liberty or Libby for short thinks she is the queen of the house. She was 4 when she picked us out to go home with us October of 1999. She will now not let us rest after dinner until we take her for a run or a long walk. Her favorite toy is her stuffed rabbit Rusty, but Lioness (the stuffed Lion) comes a close second. Here you can see her sleeping (imagine that) using Rusty as a pillow. Her best friend is Caroline her adopted sister which she pushes around showing her who is boss. Caroline is just a Lady, always prim and proper, and a little shy and bashful. She was 4 1/2 when she picked us out in October 1999. A week after having Liberty we decided she needed a sister to keep her company. Caroline was just the ticket. There couldn't have been a better match. Caroline, a little bashful, will stand back and watch Liberty try to steal the attention and when Libby is tired out she will step forward, never pushy. Caroline is learning all kinds of tricks and show the most excitement when walk times come around. 

Liberty sleeping with her pet rabbit Rusty.