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(Miz Black Onyx)

A few words from Onyx's new mom:

In Sept of 1999 Nolan told me of a cute little black girl with a BIG
smile named Onyx.  I couldn't imagine why he was telling me about her because first, I had two young greyhounds and didn't want a third. Second, I worked for a different adoption group.  Well in Dec of 1999 I lost my hearthound who was 5 at the time to liver disease.  In Jan 2000, Nolan reminded me that little Onyx with the big smile was still sitting in the kennel.  Hmmmm I said (through the tears), here is this little girl who has been waiting in the kennel since September.  Her name is Onyx, a gemstone, just like my Topaz (who passed away) and she smiled like my Topaz.  Even though I really thought it was too soon to get another greyhound, Onyx joined my family.  Due to my heartbreak, we had a difficult time bonding.  But with a little work, she has settled in very well and is happily enjoying the new life.  And smile she does.


Onyx is modeling her doggles!