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There are many reasons why these beautiful, graceful, and dignified purebred animals make excellent pets.


Farrah just can't sleep without her head on a pillow.

  1. Greyhounds are extremely affectionate, well-behaved, and intelligent.

  2. They are easy to train and discipline.

  3. They shed very little and are very clean dogs with little or no odor.

  4. They don't bark continuously.

  5. They are terrific travelers by car, boat, or plane. 

  6. They make excellent "second dogs" if you already have a pet.

  7. Most of the dogs are young; between two and four years old, with an average life expectancy of between twelve and fourteen years.

  8. Over half of our greyhounds are adopted to homes with cats.

These are general statements. Please remember dogs have individual personalities.


Things to Consider...

  • Retired racing greyhounds are given as house pets only! They cannot be kept as outside pets.

  • A greyhound must be walked on a leash at least once a day unless you have a properly fenced dog yard.

  • Never use a tie-out or chain on a Greyhound; they will either slip their collar and escape or bound after a moving object and seriously injure themselves. Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 40 mph quickly and can break their necks on a tie-out chain. 

  • The cost of adoption is the cost of the veterinary bill for a complete physical, neutering, shots, teeth-cleaning, other health-related items, and transportation expenses.